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Publicity from public figures.

This blog keeps a record of publicity that we receive in the media, and also people who support us and mention us.
  1. Article: Boosting business through social innovation - FT magazine

    Autism Works were featured on the Financial Times Magazine along with Wild Hearts - another winner of the social innovation pioneer award. The PDF is available here:

    FT Magazine Article
  2. TV: BBC Tees interview with Neil Green

    Operational Manager Chris Mitchell interviewed on BBC Tees yesterday about coping with Asperger's Syndrome and his challenge to raise much-needed funds for the Daisy Chain project. 

    Interview starts from 51.20 at the following link 
    (Sorry interview is no longer available.)

    Neil Green on the BBC

    To go direct to his sponsorship page, the link is
  3. CONFERENCE: World Autism Day Conference - MAIN Project

    Chris gave a talk at the World Autism Day Conference at Teeside.

    World Autism Day Conference - MAIN Project

    Chris' blog post on the event
  4. TALK: Centre for Autisme Denmark

    Chris travelled to Denmark to give a talk at the Centre for Autisme. The website is not in english so we won't provide a link to that. Chris' blog post about the trip can be found here:

    Scandinavia, Crossing the Road, Mindfulness and Pragmatism
  5. PARLIAMENT: Autism works mentioned in Parliament!

    Sharon Hodgson in Parliament speaking about Autism Works

    Autism Works was mentioned in Parliament on Tuesday during the Autism debate by Sharon Hodgson, MP for Washington and Sunderland West and Shadow Education Minister! To read the Hansard transcript, click on the following link

    Fast forward to 18:32 to see the piece about Autism Works and Chris Mitchell.